Floral Moments 

Our goal is to make sure you live with a smile on your face!

What can be finer than being able to work with flowers, plants and other botanical materials that nature has to offer?

Letting your creativity flow freely? Developing innovating ideas? Plotting your own course and setting new trends? Exploring unconventional materials, applications and methods of working? Going to the limit of what is possible with natural materials in the broadest sense of the word? Surprising clients with extraordinary green creations?

Floral Moments wants to take the lead and get the most out of the lovely profession of flowers together with others. Astonishment, enthusiasm, spontaneity, creativity en innovation are primary concepts in that respect..

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The man behind Floral Moments

Johan Martens (1962) works as a freelance floral designer for a variety of clients. His unbridled creativity, desire to innovate, open mind and huge enthusiasm for his profession have already led to many extraordinary achievements. This did not escape notice within his profession and resulted in national and international recognition. Johan enjoys experimenting with shapes, colours, materials and new techniques time and again. He wants to continue to be innovating and to grow in a creative sense. In terms of style, he prefers austere flower works with sufficient variety and he enjoys going to the limit of use of colour, contrasts, shapes and textures. In short; it is never predictable.
No job is too big for Johan Martens. He can dispose of an extensive network of reliable specialists who he can call upon if necessary after consulting with the client.

Johan was awarded the following prizes:

– Finalist rankings during the Dutch Championships in 1997 and 1998
– Second place at the international Tivoli Cup festival in Copenhagen in 1998
– A Second prize during FLOWERS 2002 in Moscow
– A First prize during the international competition that was held during the Horti Fair 2005 in Paris

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