Stylish creations for your event

Events, celebrations, weddings, fairs and presentations will not truly come to life unless you have flower arrangements and decorations, plants and accompanying materials that create atmosphere. Not according to a ‘standard formula’, but specially designed and geared to the occasion in hand. Floral Moments lends the right style to your event.

– We listen closely to what you want and need and determine a suitable budget together
– We make a design and visualise it so that you will have a clear picture of what you can expect
– With your approval, we then work out the details of the design, including a mood board, drawings and a final estimate of the costs
– We provide a scenario with a schedule and tasks (who does what, which materials are to be ordered, when will they be delivered, et cetera)
– We make an inventory of the other parties that should be involved in your event and we make working arrangements on your behalf
– We supervise your event in its entirety and we are on-site to ensure that everything goes as planned
– We see to the communications and we handle all financial aspects with all of the parties involved, so that you have but one contact for everything concerning our event; Floral Moments

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